Reviews for "The Weight"

This heart-touching story put tears in my eye. Waking up to your best friend's last call and not answering it, only to realize it was the last call and think about what is going to happen to him, the sorrow felt in that moment makes the ending all the more enlightening.

This video really shows the important's of a friendship. I love it!!!'

it was heart touching. i can really relate to it. and its true i just know.

You know the first video of yours I've seen was this a couple years ago http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/587288 (link to it). Your skils have gotten better and better your videos have become deeper and deeper and I've liked them more and more. Now the thing is when you want something to be funny it's funny if you want something to be deep it's deep if you want something to be sad it's sad, if you want something to just be welly done it's over the top and amazing. So basically you are an amazing. I have always loved your videos.

very touching, great job.