Reviews for "The Weight"

the message in the story telling whats going on. I got someone died and the missed call was from them. but the rest of the message is difficult to extract. you get bits and pieces. eventually it makes sense but you have to want to see it. none the less however this was beautifully done and thought invoking you should be proud of this.

A good, somewhat sad NATA entry that set out what it wanted to do, make you feel slightly sad for these characters that have nothing you should feel for, this gives you no reason to feel sad here, and yet, i do. For some reason. Maybe it's the music, maybe its the character's facial expressions that got me, i dunno. My third favorite of the NATA entries, good work, but not good enough.
By the way, brilliant animation, dude!

Simply awesome! and inspirational!

Having had a lot of people in my life commit suicide this video truly spoke to me. Thank you

I got tears in my eyes... I love you.