Reviews for "The Weight"

I think you did pretty well with this. The animation was nice, although it was difficult to distinguish which character was which because they both look nearly identical. The effect near the end was nice, where you showed both outcomes at the same time, although, yet again, it was difficult to distinguish which character was which, so it was a little confusing. The music fit the video pretty well, even though I'm not into that sort of music, I still enjoyed it. I did actually feel empathy for the characters, but that may just be because I was in a similar situation once with a friend (luckily she didn't succeed before an ambulance got there). All in all, it's very good. I'd keep the art style and animation style. The music could be better, but it works pretty well anyway. I'll be keeping an eye on your stuff from now on.

cool video :)

You beat yourself up way too much, man. There is nothing wrong with being critical of your own work, and I completely understand where you're coming from. But you've got an awesome piece of art here, man! You should be proud of that! Sure, the characters might not necessarily have a set backstory, but that just makes them all the more relatable! This is a really moving piece, and it reminds me of a lot of fond memories. We've all had a moment some time in our life where we wish more than anything that we could just go back and change what we did or how we acted. This animation captures that mentality so well, and wraps it up with a meaningful, unspoken message that even though we might feel insignificant and worthless at times. There are still those who rely on us, and there are those whom we rely on too. Even though the world is a cruel place, it can also be really beautiful. Keep it up, man! Your work is really something else.

This has great animation, a unique art style, a deep theme and music that fits the story nicely. I'm thinking you've got the finals in the bag. Good luck!

I thought this was great. I would say you didnt drive home the "saving the friend" point enough, but that would be the only detraction for me. - Good luck