Reviews for "The Weight"

I have to say this is really good and I did get the message of the video, anyway good work.

This piece says far more then the creator intended. To me it's a story about a person telling a friend that he himself has a problem and needs someone to lean on, but has to much pride to admit he has a problem.
It seems like the friend already knew and was just waiting for dude to call him and admit that he needs help. When the friend finds that he had a missed call from him at like 2am; he thought that it was him trying to call him and finely tell him the truth. that's why the friend got upset; he thought he had missed that fateful moment.
thats why When dude called back he answered the phone real fast. The rest of the film is just them Talking about it and Discussing what to do about it; just a friend being there for a friend.
This is a Beautiful piece; A painting of what True friendship is, and a very well done Flash to boot.

And he learned how to save a life.


I saw the video first and read the description later. So regarding the paragraph about the story, I believe you did everything just right. The animation is simplistic but lovable, the music fits perfectly and the lack of more background story for the characters doesn't bother me at all - it's perfect this way, seriously.
It's a short video, yes, but filled with emotion and delivers a strong message. I loved it because you can relate to it easily if you have, or have had, someone dear to you (a friend, a girl/guy, a family member...). It's my opinion that you did a great job all around.

So ,yeah, it's pretty much perfect. Keep up the good work.

I don't log into this site very often anymore but when I do, it's to 5 star something like this. Bravo.