Reviews for "Pork Must Arrive"

Very smooth, well-designed game that anyone who would like Maplestory will love. The game presents a challenge that feels like a good accomplishment for overcoming. Still, you may consider an easier-difficulty mode to draw newer players more easily into the game. Which would be good, because there is great attention to detail in the elegant mechanics of this game, like the weather, the orc farting for double jump, the "level up" notice being behind all foreground elements but in front of the landscape, the intuitive screen-panning based on where your mouse is, and the highly straightforward minimap along the bottom (though slightly differentiating height would make it even more awesome).

The art, animation, sound effects, and programming are all amazing. I like the in-game music, but the rest of the game makes me expect more variety / less repetition here. Perhaps you could have the music change based on the weather, as well as the time of day if you added a dusk / night / dawn / daytime cycle like Xenoblade Chronicles. Also you should be able to mute the music and sound effects separately, in case a player wants their own music to the in-game SFX. Admittedly, some of the English is not that great (e.g. "increase reload delay 17%" or how training the boar to "Eat My Butt" heals the ogre), but to me that adds to the charm of the game (I'm still not sure why Dwarf's Axe says anything about holding mouse until full charge -- I've never held the mouse without issues). I also don't understand the significance of the number shown on the golem spell icon (I've seen it between like 2 and 277). And what causes the ogre-face sign to appear at 50 meter mark?

One mechanic I would have liked to have seen is extra damage for landing a headshot on a foe. A pretty pro late-game upgrade would be making your axes bounce once off the ground. I noticed a very small glitch, where if you land on your boar with the skill Super Stomper trained, then the next time you try to jump off, you instead do a stomp and walk off (which isn't bad it's just interesting). I'm also not certain why the Dwarf Axe is supposed to stop after hitting a frog or the most basic infantry footsoldier.

All that said, you have here a fantastic game, 10/10 great job and thanks for sharing. Love the medals too, of course. If you added social elements (options to send help out to your friends' saves, and/or compete against them by seeing their stats and accomplishments versus your own), then I have little doubt you could turn this or another project of yours into a world-class game played by hundreds of thousands.

I'd also like to see some sort of unlockable modes, like endless / survival or "new game+" or a damage test (slow-moving dummy that can't be killed that just counts total damage). The final screen should also show stats like your level, kills, damage, etc. instead of just abruptly ending the game to the generic victory screen.

THE SIN OF THIS is all the greater considering it lures you in promising to be a good game, but no.

what a frustrating mess

People who are complaining about difficulty are just doing it wrong. Upgrade the f@cking axe damage and shut up!

If I got something to complain about, it is that this game can feel repetitive after some time: I'm an overpowerful orc that slay most of ennemies quicky and without any problem... except those d@mn frog who happen to be the most dangerous s**t in the universe... Because, to be serious, the more I advanced in the game, the more I felt the only real treat were the "swarm of frogs": The other ennemies weren't fast enough and were easy as pie.

(Before someone tells me. I know, you can add axe can be thrown further and it helps a lot. That's what I did)

Even though this game can get boring on the long run, and that I feel all the ability in the game are useless except skills related to orc (the golem, the boar and the goblin are kinda worthless), This game is better on many ways than most games you find on newgrounds in my opinion and is not enough to make it s@cks overall.

I had fun playing... until i got bored ^^

I do not think the statue in front of the castle should be able to set off the "angry face" ability as it causes extra hits to the orc. Also, one of the frogs I killed became suspended in the air and would not allow shielded enemies to pass (happened both times I played).

Pretty interesting, but gets way too hard way too quick. I found the best way to beat things is to keep resetting your points and strengthening up the abilities that best suit the oncoming enemy (eg: orc attack upgrades for forgs/snakes, boar upgrade for ranged enemies, and golem upgrades for tough ones). Remember the yellow dot upgrades as they make a huge difference.

It's a pain to play like this though, and too many times on too many levels i had to restart. Making this game actually a trial rather than enjoyable. Too much mucking around really ruined the game flow.

Therefore i only give it 3 stars.