Reviews for "Pork Must Arrive"

Really tried to keep playing; however, the difficulty of surviving long enough to get any of the decent skills just killed it for me. Other than that, very nicely done.

I like the graphics and it's a cute little fun concept, but weird movement controls and slow level up just killed it for me, that and the lack of a save. Having to start from scratch because you didn't turn or ran out of axes is a bitch. It's great idea and I can tell it would be much more fun to play if you just installed a save feature and and increase in skill points earned with each level up, it's gunna take way too long to upgrade yourself, the goblin, yer piggy and the golem, especially with a fixed skill tree that doesn't allow you to mix & match or pick whatever skill you want. I'll still rate it well, for as long as I stayed alive.. Just to level 4, I'm a ashamed to admit, I was having a bit of fun.

Nice idea, great concept.
A config option for the key bindings would be very appreciated, since a and s are on different ends of my keyboard layout.

Game difficulty makes it not fun to play. Level ups should give more than just 1 point. And if the Orc dies it shouldn't end the game. Would be a great game if it was balanced better.

This game would be incredible if not for the difficulty making it unplayable. By wave 9, if you have less than full health on your base you might as well stop playing, thats as far as you're going to get.

I love the game, I love the design, I love the gameplay, this is going on my favorites. You just need to rethink the game's balance and difficulty curve.