Reviews for "Pork Must Arrive"

Getting super hard at some point.. Still very good game, I love the skill tree

wow that is so funny i ever play 5 stars right here.

Fun game, but why is it listed as a tower defense game?

Awsome!!! Only complaint is Achievements arent working. unlocked like 3 then others stopped.. im sure i have more then 50 kills beating the game on both easy and normal.. lol still 5 stars though

You did an awesome job on a very addictive game! My neglecting to read the controls resulted in getting to level 32 without ever using the melee. -_-

DEM FROGS. Good lord, it's like playing Symphony of the Night with constant fleaman spawns. No thank you. It's so annoying. (Just ignore the whining. I really hate fleamen.)

Thanks for the awesome game!