Reviews for "Pork Must Arrive"

An absolutely great, smartly done (for the most part) defense game. Definitely worth five stars, but there are still some problems, MAJOR ones...


Even after only two pages of reviews, I think people are confused about the game's difficulty and this might tank the game score-wise. If possible, you need to find a way to make the yellow-circle abilities at the bottom of the skill trees more obvious as pivotal skills to those trees and thus the game (I suggest making them larger and DEFINITELY putting them at the top-middle of the trees... overlapping the rectangles a bit perhaps?.... or something like that).

I played about 3 times in the same mood as those saying it was too difficult before realizing the yellow skills (particularly "orc damage") were pivotal to the game... at least early on. At first I just put points into the +5% damage skill and was annoyed and thought it a pretty stupid design choice while watching my damage increase by a useless 1 each level. In retrospect, I appreciate the nuance of having both damage skills, though... but, again, THE YELLOW SKILLS ***NEED*** TO PLACED MORE OBVIOUSLY AS PIVOTAL SKILLS, as I'm assuming this is where most of the difficulty gripes are coming from.

{Misc. Praise}:

The skills remind me of Borderlands 2 with all the little optional niches and nuances (and mostly because of the "signature" ability of the golem placed above all the trees). The skills are interesting in how much they allow you to customize and *perhaps* require you to mix between the trees. However, the skills aren't very distinct from one another overall (mostly health +damage in varying amounts over and over under different skills) , but that's just a small issue of style/taste really.

Also, I like that there is even interesting variation in how you can handle combat: in rushing to get exp bags before they disappeared, I noticed you could time your way past spear-throwers, leap over knights (which was also an interesting way to try and flank them in combat), and even take a risk rushing behind the quick-striking melee units. Little things like this really help improve this gameplay.

{Small Gripes/Suggestions}:

Positioning the pig using the duck button early on is annoying and seems somewhat flawed: Once he's relatively close to you, you can't summon him directly on top of you, which makes positioning it around a golem annoying... and rectifying it by increasing the pig's attack distance is annoying as well since it gets locked behind you in this way significantly varying distances. Also, the pig's repetitive squeal if you hold the summon button down after he arrives is annoying as well.

Another gripe I have is also related to the unclear position of the yellow skills. Though I haven't tried these builds yet, it seems like the axe damage skill may be more necessary (or maybe even the only way) to survive the game early on, as compared to golem damage or pig damage.


Anyhow..... great game. Keep it up, I'd love to see more games like this from you in the future.

i think you meant "decrease" delay. not "increase"

i really hate when imprecise language is used to describe mechanics in a game.

it makes the whole theorycrafting aspect nearly impossible.

also the difficulty of this game is.. well to put it nicely "game breakingly NOT FUN"

btw, having the exp bags despawn after a certain amount of time was idiotic as well. you have to back up or you die and then it's game over. give me a BREAK. so you think at the end of the level you can just go and scoop up your exp bags. NOPE.

Good game, its hard but when you realise that you need to put the first 5 Points in more axes and the next 15 or so into more orc damage it becomes quite easy

Not a bad game, but get's unbalanced really quick. Enemies become way to strong after a few waves, and you don't get enough points per level to keep up with their rising HP and attack power. Even if this was possible, you would have to play the game several times to find the right combination of skills to upgrade - Even with your tip about upgrading the Golem, the game just gets to hard for it to keep up with more powerful enemy tides, while your character has to deal with flying enemies (and frogs) that bypass it. Because I have not gotten very far in the game, I can't say what is the best solution to make it more balanced. Maybe, reducing the strengthen and hp of some enemies, or giving higher attack points per skill upgrade for the Golem. Or more throwing axes than just one per upgrade point.... You just need to tweak the balance a bit, to make easier, and more enjoyable for the majority of players.

Heh, entertaining storyline, and a well-built game engine otherwise. I like the fact that you move around rather than just guarding through idle towering, the controls work well, the graphics are good, movements smooth, and the medals are a nice addition of rewards. Fun game!