Reviews for "Pork Must Arrive"

Here the deal, This game is pretty awesome. The upgrades are cool, and the game play / graphics are awesome. The only problem is snakes and frogs. More then half the time they get past me and hit my base. If they weren't there the game would be like three times more enjoyable

woops I rated this game a 5 I didn't mean to I meant to give it a 2 stars

So is the ogre supposed to pick up the piggy to transport as he slays offensive knights or just expect the piggy to follow after the oppositon is taken out? The piggy is looking waiting for some rescue...cute and typical of stories like that, right.

How do you beat frogs?

playstival responds:

Upgrade PRECISION skill. to make axe doesn't drop quickly, or upgrade goblin skill tree later on.

First ill say this. The menu song is by wandschrank so I think you should like show his song on like the left to show its his. yea now about the intro, you need to edit it because of the English I get what your saying but you should make it more clearer. Now the gameplay was outstanding I like that you can throw many axes rapidly at the enemies and it also has a borderlands kind of upgrade system going on which is cool since I have it on my pc too. Overall, its preety good but theres also like one other thing. theres a wave that I cant beat etheir its that I have horrible skill or the upgrades arnt good enough but yea wish you had a more easier mode maybe ahaha but yea great game, few flaws