Reviews for "Misadventure"

Haha, it's funny how few people realize that this is using the graphical style of "Adventure." Granted, I wasn't alive at the time either, but I still feel old just knowing that!

I especially loved the subtle (and later less subtle) ways that dying effected the child's real world. Seeing a shadow flicker across the whole of the television and the room was definitely chill-worthy. Also, who knew tiny red squares coming from larger yellow squares could be so disturbing? Really enjoyed it!

This is me LOL
woo a adventure game *BOOP* *CLICKS PLAY BUTTON*
okok nothing too scary
died my 3rd time *sigh* i see a shadow in the background
i continued playing...
died my 5th time *sigh*
i see blood running down the walls.

i was like yay adventure then ok wtf then holy shit this is fubar last omg theres blood running down the walls in the background but good game

omg i fannaly finessed god i had to look at youtube XD

It's really good. I love it.

Took me a few tries to finish this game. It wasn't a huge challenge but you're putting both our skill and mind to a good test.

The graphics weren't "woah" but I'm sure it wasn't meant to look glamorous anyway. The fact that you've managed to create a creepy atmosphere in a simple vision amazed me. Great job.

I was planning to suggest using music but... then I died. I died again. And again. It got intense even more intense by the count of my deaths. Not a bad idea, especially if you're doing it with an eerie music like this.

All aside, it was too short. That's half a star gone. Overall, four and a half. Keep up the good work!