Reviews for "Misadventure"

Lol wow! Holy crap Adventure got creepy!

i scared shit qutta me

nice bro

This game is completely amazing.
You deserve a great trophy for making suck as dark and scary atmosphere using graphics that simple.

In fact this game scared me the same, as I was playing "Slender : Arrival" ( later it turn out, that this game is a big disappointment, but hey ! It was scary in moments).

But to be back to this game: This weird, background music is giving me creeps even when I'm writing this, And when I saw a strange shadow deflecting on TV screen I was thinking about turning this game off.

I wonder if there is also some re-make of famous Easter Egg like in original "Adventure" ?

You sir, you possibly don't know how good job you did.

Matzerath responds:

Thank you very much! I pondered adding a version of the famous Easter Egg, but ultimately did not. Though I may sneak something in there in a later update (for some reason I like to revisit these games and add stuff after everyone's stopped playing them, ha ha).