Reviews for "Misadventure"

A lot scarier than I expected it to be and loads of fun.

This game while frustrating at points (blue tongue dude switching sides... seems like i always chose the wrong side...) is one of the best games i've played here on newgrounds. It does freeze for me when i click off the webpage which was annoying. But with that said still an amazing game.

This is, without a doubt, an awesome game that I have no complaints with. Fun, scary, and challenging all at once. What's more, just like many old games, it's incredibly hard the first times you play through it, but once you get the hang of it you can breeze through it without any trouble. For instance, I got a game over several times, and almost ran out of lives the first time I managed to beat it, but now I can go through it without dying a single time.

All in all, an amazingly simple but challenging game. Good job, sir.

This game is amazing.Probaly one of the scariest games on Newgrounds

my only complaint, too short, but awesome set, awesome music, fair difficult curve, also a final battle should been better, i mean, not just kill the guy and end, also the shadow lurking make me jump the first time, good job XD