Reviews for "Atomic"

it's surprisingly addictive, it was rather basic, but a fun sort of basic.
Overall i enjoyed it.

Great, minimalistic and skillful. Subtlely skillful, however. I'm not sure most people would understand the relationship between radius, revolution rate, and how that corresponds to dodging bullets right away.

I'm not going to say this is the best game ever, but I had a similar idea a few years ago and probably would have implemented it the same way if I could :)

took me a second to figure out what I was doing. Pretty fun. Though once you "figure it out" and get so many points, it loses appeal. There needs to be some other form of variety added.

A new take on the spinny/avoid the stuff genre (which is, as of recently, growing larger in submissions to it). A good game in some aspects. deserves a fair four I'd say.

it´s so damn addictive :) I love it! Gooooooood GAME!