Reviews for "Atomic"

it got kinda boring after awile. =T


That's not a very playable game... controls and randomness of patterns makes it nearly impossible to avoid damage. Probably would make it by chance if I tried more times... but I wont.

This is what I love about this site. Fun, innovative works of art like this need to be recognized in this world of ours. Great work!

Was a decent, fun casaul game. Would have liked a little tutorial because I was confused on what to do at first. I know, you state what to do at the front but I still was a tad confused and an in-game tutorial is always nice. It was really hard to predict whether you would hit the white "bullets" or whatever so I didn't see much skill involved, mostly luck. But I think you can time it right to get past the white "bullets" by increasing/decreasing the radius of the ring. Like I said, this is a decent, fun casual game.