Reviews for "Atomic"

aussome game. is super super adictive.

This game is awesome, it really reminds me of Super Hexagon, it feels just as addicting, it unique, simple and fun. 5 stars!

got all three badges first try, you get 5 stars sir.

I was surprised at how much I was able to get into this game. I think its strongest point was probably how there were many levels of difficulty. When I died, it took me completely off guard. I don't even really notice that health bar on the lower half of the screen. I appreciate the flashy colors. It might not have been well detailed, but it's still fun.

I was afraid this was going to be too hard. I was three squares away from getting thirty! It's hard to develop strategy when you can't control what's going to be sprayed at you next. The music, while not much, was good. Yeah, it doesn't look like this took too long to make.

Ok game but I didn't read the author comment on how to play and started pressing random keys until I had a reaction. Games usually tell how to play in the beginning but since it's in the comment that excusable. Though it doesn't seem that hitting the circles have any real consequence and I didn't see a life count and didn't think it had a consequence until level 32 where I died music is good by the way.