Reviews for "Atomic"

Very fun to play! Just tricky enough to make me keep trying. :)

Really quite fun! The graphics are nice and simple, easy on the eyes. The music isn't annoying, and the sound effects match the game. My only suggest of improvement would be to have box hits (collects?) replenish some of the hit bar.

it is actually a really simple yet fun game bravo

I like it, it is simple fun and happy. It has vibrant colors and music. It is a lot better and more creative than most things I find in the portal.

This is a very well done game. Admittedly, it's a little difficult to dodge the bullets, leaving you with no option other than make sure you get the square on the next loop, which makes me wish that you could control movement around the circle instead of just how large the circle is, but the game still works pretty nicely otherwise.
Nicely done.