Reviews for "Atomic"

Rather skill-less, as most of the shots come out too fast for the player to change the outcome much with the simple expansion/contraction of the radius. That, combined with how frequently the attack pattern changes means there's no ability to predict the shots either. The game would have easily benefited from something as simple as the ability to change direction, or even the ability to increase/decrease speed.

i don't like this game...

this game is way too easy if i could get 107 however it is an awesome concept i like it you only have one this to control only your distance from i guess you could call it a 'nucleus' and the fact you can heal
nice easy simple medals for new gamers i like it keep it up and try to improve this 48H game

I got 30 squares on the first try...don't know if it's because I am good, or it's because this game is easy. It's up to you to decide.

Nice retro-style-game. A bit control really could've helped, like for example being able to switch the circles radius to the dotted lines instead of just randomly expanding/shrinking it just hoping to hit those squares inthe middle. it also would've been nice if the game had explained that the only accessible control was "Expand the circles radius by pressing the spacebar, and shrink it by letting the spacebar go"