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Reviews for "Ice Beak"

i dont think its that bad, but i really dont like the graphics, and i dont say that for a lot of computer games.

ad blockers may prevent you from earning SOME income.

but ads on youtube take away everyone's sanity. so shouldn't you factor that in when you start complaining about us blocking them?


I have a bug to report though: if you touch the lava immediately after defeating the boss, you get stuck in a blank room, lava background and the two health bars but nothing more. No boss, no enemies, not even the birdie.


This game has potential, but the graphics kinda kill it for me. Yes, I discovered that you can change the screen size but these low-resolution graphics... if I'm using the right word here, can hurt to look at after awhile. I do like the gameplay and the music, it's just the graphics I take issue with. Other Nitrome games are usually real good at this sort of thing.