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Reviews for "Ice Beak"

Decent game, but I felt sometimes the icers were a little far apart.

Great game!

I like the 8-bit styling and the "ice vs fire" theme. Retro gaming done right is always good.

The gameplay itself is fun and interesting. Having a super-powerful but limited weapon makes for using your brain to converse ammunition. The plentiful recharge stations allow for the occasional pew-pew fest as well, and keeps the game fun, yet challenging.

I was unable to complete the game, as I think I came across a bug. On Level 5 (I believe), if you shoot a red enemy down to the moving platform jet below it, the game freezes, and I was unable to continue. I was trying to do the "two birds with one stone" tactic, but it appears this doesn't work well in this case.

Besides this one bug (which admittedly stopped me from continuing), this game is awesome. I'm giving you a rating of 4/5, docking you a point for the bug. Besides that, I have plenty of fun playing the game, and hope you can tweak the game if it passes judgment and improve the game. I'd love to play more!

Thanks again for the fun game!