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Reviews for "Ice Beak"

Wow, I broke it. Level 7, big room at the top of a long ascent lined with cannon-rocketplatform-cannon on alternating sides, headed up and left to the top left corner of the map, whereupon it froze, more or less. I was still able to "fire," inasmuch as it would take away snowpower if I hit space, but nothing moved. Could still turn the music and sound on and off and such, but there was no more gameplay to be had without a refresh.

I like this game a lot, that said. One of your better offerings.

It says "use keyboard to move and shoot" but WHICH keys? Are you guys allergic to instructions or something?

This one is probably my favourite of all the 'mini-games' you've made so far.
The gameplay was intuitive and required some thought but the puzzles were definitely of a reasonable difficulty for a casual game. Also, I was a big fan of the music, I'm still listening, it's very light and never becomes repetitive. The art was decent except I don't really like the dark-orange colour in the pallete, it doesn't complement the red rocks in the background, so the background is a bit ugly :L
I would've liked the fireballs to make a noise before they fire and continue to fire in the same pattern even after I had blocked them for a little while, maybe have corresponded with the beat of the music or something.

It's a nice game,but bad graphics.I know it is an 8-bit game and i'm not a graphic horse,but for a 8-bit game,this graphic is bad.

it is a great game the graphics are not great though it is a good game