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Reviews for "Ice Beak"

WOW THOSE WERE AMAZING GRAPHICS! I'VE NEVER SEEN SUCH AMAZING GRAPHICS it was so pleasing to the eye.. no really it was

Just beat the game. Pretty neat :)
It bugged as hell on google chrome, but went well in firefox.
4/5 since no upgrade / story / various enemies etc... its quite a straightforward game. But well made ! Ice animations are awesome :)

It's a good game, I thoroughly enjoyed the low resolution graphics. The camera was too slow during the boss fight, so I just gave up.

Good game if kind of short, and the keys seem to stick occasionally.

Refine your controls. Lots of times, keys become unresponsive. Many times I won't be able to shoot while holding two directional buttons. Honestly ruined the game for me. I loved it up until the boss. Poor controls were harder to overcome than the actual boss.

Good luck fixing it.

(P.s. It's not my computer, so don't even try that.)