Reviews for "nazi slayer"

Holy shit dommi

Didint kinow you were getting this popular, Hope you can keep up your freindship with me man! hahaha.

dommi-fresh responds:

definately mate you can't break the bond of rd and dommi


ITS CRAZY and spooky cause you don't know teh emotion behind his mask so you just think he is like muhahah or like what am i doing ...... but i just had to say one thing that i didn't get wheres the muzzle flashes or like a bullet thats all i had to say good sir and yes sir it is a very magnificent picture 10/10 =D

dommi-fresh responds:

i decided not to do the muzzel flash in the end to the picture more open visually... thanks for writing


nazis are rally retarted.im not talking about your picture :)

dommi-fresh responds:

ok then?

very nice

I like the choice of colors you used for this piece. it really brings out the darkness felt by the men in the picture. a little sugesstion though. work on your shading a little,the shadow should come down the soviets right arm just a little more. hope this was helpful

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks i work on shadows alot so i am always experimenting with it.

Nicely done

Nice work. I like the shading, too. And you're right, I guess - the "nazi slayer" does look somewhat inhuman and, in fact, so does the nazi. That might be because of the fact that neither of them show their face. I imagine, that if there were a series of such images, it'd make an interesting, dark comic(though that'd only drag more history egg-heads to argue pointlessly).

Keep it up.

dommi-fresh responds:

yea but you will always get people like that all the time no matter what it is.