Reviews for "nazi slayer"

nazi power

sure thing you are good...but i prefere NAZI...much beder n my head

dommi-fresh responds:

ok then... i advise not to shout that around much you could get yourself in a lot of trouble and by trouble i mean severe pain.


Just read 2 cmments that i thought i wrote myself i thought i wlooked like a helghast tooh, and i only just finished WAW xD

v cool pik though1 :D

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks man i should find out about this helghast thing.


and i just got done playing World At War...coincidence? I THINK NOT.

dommi-fresh responds:

it was all planned just for you

I fucking love your drawing !

Dude fucking epix :D i'm partly russian and i don't care if the uniform isn't tottaly right the hammer and sickle kicks ass :D

- communist :D

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks mate ... cool you got some soviet in your veins.


i cliked on this picture thinking it was helgahst lol. anyway its till awsome!

dommi-fresh responds:

i dunno what helghast is but it sounds pretty awesome.