Reviews for "nazi slayer"

You sure know WWII Weapons

True what dd2111 said, but the truth is that Everyone thinks nazis suck because they lost the war. If they had won we will think of them as heros :P
But fuck nazis, THE USSR KICKS ASS

dommi-fresh responds:

a very good point.

Holy shit!!!

all ntzis must die!!!!!

dommi-fresh responds:

die or be reasoned with? no your right die

ppsh 4 dah win

kindah remminded me of wolfenstein

dommi-fresh responds:

i have wanted to play that for a while it looks good.

Exellently drawn

Nazi technology and uniforms-awesome. Nazi motives and goals- suck dick. I like the Russians for such devotion to their country, even as defeat was at their doorstep they were ready to fight to the bitter end! And look where it got them! Well done drawing even though the gasmask is 60 years ahead of its era :D

dommi-fresh responds:

ha ha yea the gas mask is a little modern looking but i wanted it to look unique like as if this guy was not human


And no,djreverser.Nazis suck dick.Period.Thats why they lost the war.Cuz they suck.

dommi-fresh responds:

thats what should be quoted in all history books:
'nazis lost the war because nazis suck'
-quoted from dd2111 2009
beautifully said.