Reviews for "nazi slayer"


Despite what flashreport1 said, I personally think it's a USSR officer shooting a German officer, because of the Walther.

Great artwork! Very bloody, very kickass.

dommi-fresh responds:

thsnks mate glad to hear it.


I like the Idea of your picture. Its really good :D
the art is very creative and good too.

I liked the outfit of the two soldiers. specially on the USSR soldier. its like he is some officer who is pwning a private.

If you make more of this charming art. I like to see the USSR wearing white camos :D. just a request


I'm gonna post this on Facebook :D

dommi-fresh responds:

goodo you do that my friend ha ha ha.... thanks for writing.


The title says enough. Kinda reminds me of the That psycho undead asassin in hellboy1, though. Only that guy was a nazi.

dommi-fresh responds:

yea i know what you mean he is a bad ass character actually.

The only good nazi is a dead nazi...

This piece of art is great. the color depicts the scene well and like other reviewers before me, I like how the soviet has his foot stomped on the nazi's chest. I think if you would of added a flash from the muzzle, it would take away rather than enhance the pic.

dommi-fresh responds:

there you go someone gets it ....ha ha ha thanks mate

Yhea! Yhea! SHOOT THE MT*F&@R!!!!

Just like Mortyr

Great Draw!

dommi-fresh responds:

ha ha ha thanks man