Reviews for "nazi slayer"

Pretty nice...

My bro is playing Stalker - Clear Sky currently (It's about the chernobyl area), so that's a bit lol... Anyway, you've really made a kind of old, torn style, which I enjoy very much. I hope you keep drawing these things... although perhaps with another motive. (Nothing beats variation!)


dommi-fresh responds:

cool thanks ... i agree variation is good yea.

wow this is great :O

i recognize the russain's gun from COD ><"
but i recognize the nazi's gun from many Holocaust exhibition's and my grandfathers place (yeah im jewish and he was there :O)

raelly fantastic job, i love the gas mask, it add's a lot. 5/5

dommi-fresh responds:

cool you grandad sounds like a legend man ... thanks for reviewing


That's pretty awesome man, You just gave me an idea to draw Hitler....Anyways, Great job. keep it comin!

dommi-fresh responds:

i didn't realise i would be influence people to draw hitler whats next stalin?


That shit is metal as hell it kicks ass.

dommi-fresh responds:

metal is king


Awesome, love your cousins idea of a Nazi slayer!

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks man i will tell him that