Reviews for "_lockout"

I love it!!
Nice game, a little frustrating sometimes, but I really wanted to know what happened with Anna so I kept trying until the end, althougth I still cant figure it out what to do to unluck the secret medal.
Oh and actully I liked the graphics (the part where you die and everything goes pixel).
Ps: Forgive my english if I write something wrong, Its not my native language.

I have to admit that I did not know what to expect from this. I imagine one of the medals is about going through this without dying. You don't have much description for them anyway. The one that I CAN NOT beat is the one with the two spiked platforms that move up and down. At first, I thought you were supposed to stand on them and avoid the spiked part. To be fair, that would be even harder.

The graphics were fairly decent. Hee hee, my mom walked in on me and thought I was playing Mario. Just a little personal tidbit. I thought the music was nice and fairly suiting. It's frustrating, but with some easy medals, it's rewarding.

good game.... im guessing the secret award is completing the game with less than a certain amount of deaths or no deaths at all....

jicking responds:

thanks for playing lockout

look, i love your game but it is WAY too hard for the casual gamer plus the death animation is hard on the eyes.

Funny ending!^^

jicking responds:

now you got my point on the ending

thank you for playing :)