Reviews for "_lockout"

it was ok nothing intresting kind of boring

Hell no! You didn't even take the time to write the medal descriptions properly! Work on the game. It crashes and glitches and isn't really attractive. It becomes repetitive and boring quickly and the graphics and colors you applied aren't exactly smooth on the eyes. The story is slightly weak and the objective of the game is unclear. Cut the flash animation out and put some dialog in there.

"Lockout" is an incredible name for a video game. I seriously was expecting more. I voted "3" to keep you motivated. Please improve your game.

The game was way to challenging.... I can't even get half way on one of the early levels... I get that you were trying to be like super meat boy but super meat boy did it in a fun way, this was just to much trial and error for me. art style is pretty nice, at first I thought the music was nice but it got very VERY annoying. 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Awesome game! I just need a hint for the secret medal... (PM me, please)

Pretty good, but some of the levels were unnecessarily hard.

jicking responds:

sorry for that, i also realized those things when i published it

Thank you for playing _lockout