Reviews for "_lockout"

Well this was a fun game! I didn't expect to play it so much, but it seems I became addicted after a while, going from thinking that beating the game with 30 deaths was pretty good to getting annoyed that I can't seem to get through it without accidentally dying at least once. it's a fun adventure, with cut scenes without dialog, and levels that quickly progress in difficulty and size. They're all easy to understand, and the difficulty level is just right for making a challenging game without making it aggravating to play. Apart from not really understanding the plot at all, it was great entertainment.

A few bugs (or not, maybe just quirks) I should mention though. In the level with the one big crushing block, the screen sometimes won't stop shaking after you've jumped past it. You can also jump back again and stand on a tiny ledge right beside it. In the level with the falling tiles you have to quickly run across in three steps, the character sometimes seeems to slow down while running across the boder between tile and floor. Another thing that would be great to add is being able to skip past the cutscenes. If you've played the game a few times, it would be better that way. :) Anyway, great game, keep it going!


really good game except for 1 thing. on the last level i went from 22 deaths to 85 looking for a key and then you just let the ghost get you? WHAT? beyond that bit of game logic excellent game, hope you make a larger version at some point.

Alright then. This was not a difficult game, so i dont know what people are complaining about. It was however a really fun platformer.

jicking responds:

theres a lot of flaws and i found when people started to complain about it.thanks :)

rage quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some people really hate to lose, uh?

Nice game. Seriously into it. Frustrating, sure, but it is nice. However...

-The ending didn't satisfy me at all. I was like "oh, so that's it?"
-Why the final cutscene didn't trigger at the door? I had to repeat the level because the ghost reached me at the door. Then I had to die 11 times more to reach the door again, realising I couldn't get any key and decided to continue. Once I reached the wall... CUTSCENE. Seriously? You could trigger the cutscene when the character tries to open the door.
-The cutscenes are... Not ok. They look like any other cheesy game out there, and this is a great game! So in part II, improve the cutscenes.

Overall, 4/5. A lot of ppl will say "this is a Super Meat Boy wannabe", but don't let 'em get you.

jicking responds:

thank you :)
-the ending was supposed to be lengthy but i got time on my neck so i became a mediocre and published it without improving animation
-the cutscene before that level was supposed to tell players that theres no key on the level and the ghost could only triger the scene to switch i just wanted give players the chills so if a player stays calm and stays near the door itll open
-actually its my first game,i will improve anmations on my next game
-thanks for being honest and for playing the game:)