Reviews for "_lockout"

It sure is catchy game and the difficulty is nearing meat boy. I addore like his bottom part is moving every time in the cutscene. looks like pulsing member :D but I donĀ“t have the nerves or time to play this. and yea cheated death is truly challenging quest .

I earned all medals 2 years ago except ''cheated death'' I try a few things but did not work''

Could you give me one hint ?

Controls are somewhat inaccurate and what's with the shaking of the entire screen when those pins get triggered? Very annoying while your trying to keep a jump under control at the same time, especially because the controls are so touchy.

Great game! This is addicting and fun! You chould've done better animation but te rest is awesome.

This game is great. It reminds me of Super Meat Boy.