Reviews for "_lockout"

Keep the good work

Good game. kept me entertained a while xD.
I would love to see whats the secret medal is about.
Any hinters? or is it that you dont have to die the whole game? Because that seems pretty impossible or hard.
Good work with this game.

This game is decent. Not bad but it has some flaws:
1: I would like it if I could skip cut scenes. It is interesting but it gets very annoying every time I want to start a new game.
2: The control is good but I would like it if the jumping is much smoother.
3: At the final level, when I died there, the ghost started in front of me instead of behind me. Can you fix that or is that intentional? If it is, why?

I like this game, but if I'm looking to make my brain frustrated, I would just play some sort of puzzle, not a platformer. The level with the two spiked platforms that moved up and down was the one that got me. After the 8th time I died, I just gave up. This ended up being a game of medals only for me. Sorry.

this is the best game ever i play!!i die 98....and i dont how to beat the ghost...but its good game i like it thx jicking u are the best :D