Reviews for "Cleansing"

Delightfully wicked, I mean to be so simple it felt like a really heavy concept. I felt like the Ultimate Evil. Too short though and really no coherent story.

Cool game

The overall idea is quite nice and interesting. Sadly the gameplay sucks pretty much. The movement is so very slow and I find myself hammering X just to move faster and then biting people and sheep by accident. Also I had the impression that this game's rather unfinished. There's something missing for me.

What is that building on the fourth level, I play the game for third time and I just can't get to it.

A lot of things annoy me in this game. The running kids who don't know not to jump in front of a biting burning dog, the sheep that frantically panic run and sometimes die in one lucky strike, the cryptic medals. But ultimately, I really enjoy it, and adding boss fights or necessary moments like this into a game would be great. Having a very long version of this kind of game would be unwise for the sheer grind one would have to put into it and thus the length you chose was wise.
On a side note, not saying I'm soft hearted or anything *cough* the kids screaming for help was annoying, and when I actually accidentally bit one trying to get a clean ending, I really felt guilty. I was all cursing at the stupid kid for not running to his mom and crap, drawing real emotions out of a gamer with such a short installment is a sign of talent. 5 stars.