Reviews for "Cleansing"

Whew, trying to get good ending here is hard.....
And this came before undertale.
Back in 2013 I just got pissed off and massacred everyone.....
Hell, I wish I new what I was doing back then, kinda feeling sorreh for those npc's..........

Challenging game for sure good work

This game is very awesome.
To achieve ”Clean” was the hardest mission.
And I felt kind of uneasy when ”WHY” appeared on my screen...
Good job!
Rating: 5
Vote: 5

Loved it. The atmosphere, design and music is great. Medals were mostly easy in my opinion ( to be honest i had to check the comments for the secret medal though).
But please for the love of my ability to fall asleep tell me the meaning behind the game. I suck at interpreting stuff and would love the meaning of it. Seems pretty deep to me, too deep for me to understand (I really hope that there is more meaning behind the story than "you're a badass wolf-demon on fire and have to either kill slimes or humans and sheep").
Thanks in advance :*

aeveis responds:

This is a 2 year late response, and this may have been mentioned in the comments.
It is easy to do evil and you have to actively work against it to do good, regardless of fear and slander directed towards you.

I really loved the style and the gameplay, but once you got to the village it was way too difficult, extreme patience was needed to even beat it, and I got to the last (what I call "goober gobbers") the penned in sheep in the lower left corner of the village, I went to free it to complete the game and hurt it because it was running and all that effort was wasted, I felt sort of cheated though all in all it's still a good game.