Reviews for "Cleansing"

Good game, it's alright.
- RighteousGamerGod

very well done the only ploblem is that it is too short

The thing that gives this game its power isn't the gameplay or the graphics. it's the atmosphere, the sense of surrealism that this game projects that makes this game cool. You just don't see that in many games anymore. Or at least the ones I can find. Also, the medals were nice too. I still haven't gotten the secret one, is it based on completing the game in a certain time limit or something?

I kind of disagree with the others. Why does everything need to have a story. For many art flash games, it's the unexplained motives that make the game more interesting.

As for the Evening Stroll medal, all I will say is that you can get through the gates without killing anybody.

I love the game play , and the music is pretty good , the story line is wierd and the game does not tell anything about it .. the Creature is well made , and has good animation .