Reviews for "Cleansing"

It would be nice if you didn't have to restart from the very beginning of the game just because you bit something that ran towards you... it may only be 3 stages but it is tedious when killing those slimes after a very short amount of time.

Interesting but too much work.

Generally a nice game: Good use of graphics and interesting plot.

You lose a star for the medals though. Getting through without hurting anyone is REALLY hard given how eager they all are to jump into your face as you bite, and once you do succeed... It's pretty much the same ending as it is if you do accidentally bite someone.

I was also a bit disappointed that "saving the sheep from their human and blob oppressors (so that they can take over the village and live their happy sheepy lives)" gave no medal, and neither did killing everything but the blobs. It's not much of a "choice" if one of them is just a fail.

Plus I don't know what some of the medals mean. "Remove the weight with half survivors still alive"? I've beaten the game with everyone still alive! Survivors with the weight of the unaware? Not sure how to do that...

Also, some clue for the secret medal would be good. In fact, a clue for that would have made the "perfect" ending half decent. Short of replaying the whole thing to try destroying all the fences I have no idea what it'd be, and I don't feel like replaying it all again now, so...

4/5 stars. Decent game, lots of potential, but the medals should be clearer, the "perfect" game a little easier, and the plot more fleshed out.

The only negative thing I have to say about this is that the essence slimes that waaaaay too long to kill. Especially in the last level when there are, what, 50 creatures? They should be killed in one bite.

Other than that, great game. I love the hell hound's design. The music and "WHY" text make it feel like a creepypasta game. Few games are from the perspective of the villain, especially in such a dark manner as this. However, with the Choice in this game, a new perspective is given on villains. Some may not be so evil as they are made out to be. Great job. I'd love to see more.

"I do not wish to harm anyone... The humans fear me, when all I want is the evil blue essence that lives inside them... Yet, I can only access such a terrible gelatinous evil, by striking fear into the hearts of the innocent..."

I love this game, it's amazing, I-I mean, the why, the slimes, the sheep, it's all, just so great.
5 stars!