Reviews for "Cleansing"

I love art games like these. Though can someone PLEASE give me hints on how to get the secret medal. I can't figure out a different way to reach the ending.

Any tips to kill the slimes while not hurting anyone?
I always have that annoying sheep that runs in and I press x and crap, reseting... AGAIN

Im shocked this is getting such great reviews from people. I agree with Narushisuto, the gameplay is quite boring and Im constantly pressing x to move quicker. I dunno...I just didnt enjoy it at all.

The game looks beautiful and provides some precious minutes of fun.
Very few minutes, by the way, but I understand that for it's a concept.
What I liked the most is that even though the game is short and there's no story at all, I found myself immersed in that situation. The crawling dying people helped a lot, I must say.
The controls could be a lot better. If I made a choice by the begining of the game, the controls should support that choice. I mean there should be two action buttons, one to bite humans and the other to bite blobs. There's no sense in making a choice if you're unable to stand to it because the game mechanics won't let you.
Ultimately, I'd say the game achieved its objective in terms of mood and game feel.

This was an interesting game. granted, the AI could be pretty dumb at times running towards you, but with patience, you could herd them away from the slimes, giving yourself a large area to attack them in. I'd like to see more story from this, especially on this "Weight of the unaware".