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Reviews for "Renga Samurai"

i enjoyed this game very much,, u should try it as least once XD

Awesome game. Makes you think. Easy concept and takes some time for puzzle solving.

For level 5, cut the square horizontally right in half.
Take one of the blocks and put it to the right side of the other block.
Cut it horizontally one more time.
You will end up with 4 horizontal sticks.

Nice game, i like the tematic: Samurai, thats great. Also, the music and the art was great. Anyhow, the only level that i cant pass: 5.

But, i will be honest, i'm not a genius to resolve puzzles ._.


It was a very interresting game. Also with that it was a test for your character.
Though you need to give the last info about the penetrating power of the cut.
Needed to go to the walkthrough after a couple of tries, to make sure the pieces you needed to solve it. After that i figured how to get past the 5th test.
Though i don't wanna ruin it for those that wanna figure it out for themselfs.
Also plz put up somewhere how many stages there are. After the 17-18th stage i went to the walkth again to see how many there were, just to make sure there weren't about 40 or something.
I will surely play it again some time. Good job. :)

Once you grasp the trick to level 5 the game becomes really repetitive and the problem solving can be reduced to the same methods, I guess I'm just not into puzzles.

Like the music