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Reviews for "Renga Samurai"

I was expecting another shitty newgrounds RPG but this was actually good

I think there's a glitch on level 19 or something. I got the bricks to fit but it still wouldn't let me progress. I can even send you a screenshot of it.

All in all though, good game. I'm not usually one for puzzle games but this one I kept playing. 4/5

I heard that Broken Moon, Suika's theme from Touhou. I don't think using Touhou music in a game that has nothing related to Touhou is good.

Only comment here, not real voted the game because I like your game and want to give it 4.5 stars but the Touhou music makes me really off, still don't want to down vote your game.

This was a fun game, not just because it had Samurai in it but because it was a fun challenge. The levels weren't insanely difficult either, once I realized you could chop many pieces at the same time, and it's nice how the different levels can be solved in different ways. The concept is pretty cool, too, and the controls are easy, though sometimes the blocks don't want to go where you want them to, or keep getting 'dropped'. Anyway, nice game!


josh-tamugaia responds:

Thanks, Cyber

This game would be an amazing puzzle game if only it had a snap for both cuts and placing. If this feature were implemented, it would be a 4+ rating, hands down.