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Reviews for "Renga Samurai"

shifted was hard as fuck. maybe I'm just not smart enough.

Very good game, but I'm stumped by puzzle 4...nevertheless, this is a challenging and enjoyable game

good mind bender i spent half the time trying to cut it so my pieces would actually fit

Actually, on the stairstep I cut the square in the very edge of the right side and sometimes there are two BIG squares.

It was a very interresting game. Also with that it was a test for your character.
Though you need to give the last info about the penetrating power of the cut.
Needed to go to the walkthrough after a couple of tries, to make sure the pieces you needed to solve it. After that i figured how to get past the 5th test.
Though i don't wanna ruin it for those that wanna figure it out for themselfs.
Also plz put up somewhere how many stages there are. After the 17-18th stage i went to the walkth again to see how many there were, just to make sure there weren't about 40 or something.
I will surely play it again some time. Good job. :)