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Reviews for "Renga Samurai"

Actually, on the stairstep I cut the square in the very edge of the right side and sometimes there are two BIG squares.

Well I am officially insane now. Not sure if it's because of my lack of sleep or what, but 2 cuts for the stairstep? I've done every concievable combo and nothing works. Thanks for making me feel stupid. Or stupid tired. lol

josh-tamugaia responds:

You're welcome ;)

I'm not really much of a fan of these kinds of games, but this was surprisingly enjoyable. The level that I am not able to get past is the fifth one. The hardest part is probably finding out the right number of cuts. It's so easy at first, you forget you have a limited number. The music is quite stylistic and I liked how you didn't use the same song. It gives off a nice Oriental feel.

There wasn't a lot of detail in this, but a game like this doesn't need to have a lot of detail. It was satisfying to hear the boards being slashed apart. The levels are quite creative. It's difficult, but still quite straightforward in terms of gameplay. You have to use the bamboo parts for specific cutting, I learned.

Great idea, reminds me of the Folds game (and personally I like this one better), but there's a technical failure. You should really improve the level of paper placement detection. It is extremely annoying to know the solution but not to be able to succeed because you need a freaking ruler to measure your cuts.

Very fun game and something brain requiring for a change.
Challenging indeed,It took me 30 minutes to get to level 16 and three out of the levels I had to look up solutions.
Might continue once I find my motivation again.
Music is very nicely done, I love the japanese culture where the samurai theme is of course a big part of it.

Cool game, I recommend it!