Reviews for "A Newgrounds Commercial"

Hilarious AND imformative...This should have been shown to all Newground newbies...screw that, this should be on TV...


Choppy, odd animation at first. It got a little better though. The pace was slow, and there wasn't so much going on that caught my interest. THe hallucinating part wa funny, but the last drawing with lips didn't look trippy, or anything, it just looked like poorly drawn lips. Great idea though, I support it!

Tank man's voice is sweet, sweet honey suckle to mine ears.

And for those lookin' for the "Literature section," I believe this animation uses it to refer to the writing contests that are held in the writing forum. But it's not a bad idea: have a section designated to script submissions (both short and long) that animators who're strapped for ideas can decide to animate. It may boost quality of newgrounds animations and subsequently the amount of visitors.

Great work, Johnson!

Jonimator responds:

Someone buy this man a drink! Thanks for the review braski!

I love when people rip Ray William Johnson, I hate that guy!