Reviews for "A Newgrounds Commercial"

i like it, if this was on tv we would be so famous

looks like the literature section is invisble...

I would also like to know where the literature is at.

nice animation and all but.... newgrounds has literature? Really? Where?

This is a pretty damn good user-made commercial.
Perks included good animation quality, quite fluid, decent voice for the random consumer and practical and common-place complaint on cat videos every-one can agree on.
The voice for Tankman kinda sucked though, and the way things occurred with Tankman taking him into the 'computer-realm' while a good way of going about a commercial, or any video for that matter, could have also been done better. It also seemed a-lot like other commercials I've seen.
Regardless this is very well done and I loved it cause the good out-weighed a bad by a mile. This is certainly on the point it has reached a quality it is like a real TV commercial, let alone if its an advertisement on the web, in which it would succeed too.