Reviews for "A Newgrounds Commercial"

Oh gosh, I think this is ripping off my commercial... I think we're gonna have to battle XD

In all seriousness (Although I did seriously make a commercial for Newgrounds), this was pretty good :D

This is a very worthy Newgrounds commercial. Simple-but-effective visuals, the right pacing, and good writing. Good voice acting too!

Jonimator responds:


Lol when one of the buttons said Literature, I went up to check if its there. :/

Haha, nice commercial! Don't really know what makes it funny, since there aren't really any puns or anything, just the flow of events I guess. The main characters rolling eyes are a bit weird at the beginning, how he seems to stare off into space more than he stares at the screen, but maybe that's supposed to hint at the callucinations? It's a nice commercial, and the classic track is a nice addition, with the 'Literature' block it might even be future-proof. :) Nice work!


This was actually really entertaining and funny.
Props for the quality of work you produce and I hope to see more awesomeness from you in the near future!