Reviews for "A Newgrounds Commercial"

Where is the literature section?

Jonimator responds:

To the best of my knowledge there isn't so much a section in the way that animations, games and audio are organized, but there's always ongoing writing contests that are held in the writing forum.

That's what I thought

Jonimator responds:

Hilariously ironic username hahah

Fuck you, that's what.

Seeing that I loved the animations concept and execution, I feel bad for even mentioning this, but it has to be said; It doesn't have a commercial feel to it.
It feels more like a standalone cartoon than a promotion or advertisement for Newgrounds.

You said that you kept it short to "keep the commercial vibe", but keeping it short isn't enough. A cartoon needs to have more design/typography features to come across as a commercial.
Please don't take this as negative criticism, I'm simply criticizing the subject you submitted it under.
It's still probably one of the best submissions in the commercial contest so far and I bet you'll do great.

Goddamnit I always wanted to see Newgrounds in Real Life city format. You nailed it dude. Great job.

Jonimator responds:

Ya I can definitely see your point, I've really gotten used to working in the style of standalone cartoons over the years. Glad you liked it nonetheless! Thanks for the review!

Perfectly describes Newgrounds. Well done.

Jonimator responds: