Reviews for "A Newgrounds Commercial"

Only thing that annoyed me was the lipsyncing in the beginning you used the "TH" sound where it would be a "T" so it looks like he is saying Caths otherwise it is amazing!

The concept was great and the writing is very true.

The animation however, was stiff and lacking, as if this was animated five or six years ago. The mouth frames seemed to lack some necessary drawings for different sounds.

Your voicework was bland, and while it's pointing out the obvious, we could tell both characters were voiced by the same person (if they weren't then holy shit.)

That aside, the fact Captain was advertising Newgrounds to someone was setting the bar a bit high for yourself. JohnnyUtah placed Captain with a distinct, overconfident douchebag personality that wasn't portrayed well here at all. Also Captain would inevitably make a dick joke or a sexual innuendo of the likes, he somewhat trademarks that as a part of his character.

I know the focus of the flash isn't on the characters, but you have to make the characters play their part.

Again, with that said, your voicework was emotionless a majority of the time and it's evident you're a bit stiff and shy about the whole ACTING part. Stop being shy, you have potential, so get yo shit together dawg.

You're not really in your computer, you're dead and this is heaven.

This is very clever.

It fits Newgrounds to the T.

Jonimator responds: