Reviews for "The World Ending"

cant say anything then this good very good !

The animation was good, the idea is pretty solid but the voice work as well as static really bring the entire thing down.

It was a nice touch with little flash details showing up. But in general, the poor acting and static ruined anything that might have been a joke to me. Better luck next time.

AtroxChobatsu responds:

Harsh. :(

I found out the hard way that the judges take more points away for audio syncing incorrectly than sub-par sound quality. Flash seems to have this weird glitch where if a movie is long enough, streamed sounds will not sync up right. The only way to make the sound match up perfectly is to export audio as ADPCM, which works, but brings the quality down.

Maybe next time, I should look into uploading video. At least then I can export the sound as raw when converting a swf to an mp4 or something... I don't know how these other folks are doing it, though; The movie uploader only seems to let me put up swfs.

LOL nice!

I found this animation very amusing; the only real problems I could see was the echo on the voice acting and the real-life stills were a bit low quality, but I know nothing about Flash so maybe that is to be expected. Anyways, I liked the characters and the story a lot.

What really pisses me off about flash the the ctrl-q short cut. I mean to transform a symbol but it ends up closing my project when I forget to save! Nice animation though!

AtroxChobatsu responds:

Man, you know what's funny? The first hour I spent working on this cartoon, I roughed out the background for the opening shot. When I turned it into a symbol, chunks of the rough sketch disappeared. When I hit ctrl-Z, the whole symbol, sketch and all, disappeared. Undoing further wouldn't bring it back, and re-doing would restore it with the missing chunks.

Only an hour into making a cartoon about the annoying glitches Flash does, and this happened. Somehow, Flash knew.

Thank you!