Reviews for "The World Ending"

I've always liked your animations, it's certainly nothing to point out there. However, I do think you need to work on your storytelling. I understand that you have a thing for goldenage cartoons but I feel like you have borrowed too many jokes and ideas from that time. It gets a bit too predictable.

Also, don't you think your character would work better mute? I think you'd achieve more personality with that character by just using body language and it'd create that sort of feel that I've been seeing you trying to pull off.

Just my two cents. Please keep making projects, man.

Who knew Eggman spends his spare time animating awesome classic styled cartoons?

AtroxChobatsu responds:

I thought it was Randy Savage...

Now I think I need to lose weight. First the beard, now this.

It's 2012 for the world of Flash.

AtroxChobatsu responds:

And I feel fine.

Claasic toon Humor. Loved it ! Also its funny because i have that exact same keyboard that I'm using right now lulz

It's fantastic.

Except 4/5 because furries

AtroxChobatsu responds:

I'll make sure to shave my beard next time I'm to be on camera. :(