Reviews for "The World Ending"

it was really well made and funny keep up the work

*Rated E for Everyone.*

*A File Says: "not_porn"*

*Rated T for 13 and Up*

AtroxChobatsu responds:

Yeah, that was a stupid mistake on my part. There could have been a boatload of other humorous ways to make a suspicious-looking folder, like calling it "Delete this in case of death" or "Pictures Unsuitable for Family Members" or "New folder (2)" anything would be more clever and not as on-the-nose. I apologize for the lack of discipline and restraint my older self had.

This awesome furry girl is the best thing ever also the animation and sound and visual FX of this flash is awesome too

That was a pretty fun mind fuck of a movie.

Though I am concerned about that furry girl getting rule 34 of herself someday

i liked your art!