Reviews for "The World Ending"

Wow! Fantastic animation! Solid work!

You are a MASTER!

Thoroughly enjoyed this. Great expressions and animation here. My only gripe really is that it kind of ended a bit too suddenly for my liking, but this is only nitpicking. Well done!

In the context of strict deadlines and story requirements, this is actually very well done. I never experienced any desynchronization issues with audio, and nothing really took from the overall flash. It was worth a good number of laughs and was a creative approach at the round's theme.

I won't say "I hope you win the TOFA" because there are others that I think are just as deserving, but fantastic job nonetheless. 5/5 on both scales.

I didn't have any problem with out of sink audio. I thought it was a great concept. The animation was exceptional. Great work!