Reviews for "The World Ending"

oh my god i just loved it x3. There was so much creativity in this. the characters, the setting, and the story line >U< LOOOOVVVE IT

Thsi was so cool i luv it

Earth not responding. Nice touch.

Nice been awhile since a new good flash animator came to newgrounds! Looking forward to your work!

Ok, I'm not the type to quickly click that review button on the top right there ( Yeah, that'd be the lazy type, for you smartasses out there ) But there's just a few things in this vid that just deserve some mentioning and praise.

First, I loved the "Cartoony" effects to almost everything the cat-girl did. ( I believe she's named Sarah? ). They were well drawn and executed, along with just the right sound effects. It really recaptured a little bit of the cartoons of old. Secondly, just everything about anything drawn in the flash shined off a sertain amount of playfullnes, from the enviroment, right down to the character. This is probably because it lies with the style of drawing ( Which was great by the way ) Now to the final point, the character itself. I like her concept, and along to the lines of what Rave5000 said: I'd love to see more of her. That is all actualy. Not many reasons, I just like her.

Its a solid 4.5 stars for me. The 0.5 being deducted for a just one minor things. which was the voice acting

The voice acting was a bit off at times. Don't get me wrong, the voice itself suits the character. It was just small things about it, like the tone of speaking sometimes, or how some parts were a bit hard to understand. that put me off.